Simple One prototype vs production-spec: What’s changed on the electric scooter?

The Simple One electric scooter finally went on sale recently but a lot changed on the scooter than it was first showcased in 2021

The production-spec Simple One may look the same but there’s plenty new under the bodywork and there are new colour options too added to the mix

The Simple One e-scooter now offers 212 km on a single charge as against the previously claimed 236 km. This is due to the 19 kg weight increment on the scooter

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The battery casings have also been reworked on the scooter that further add to the overall kerb weight that nows stands at 134 kg

Despite the weight increase, the Simple One still remains quick with 0-40 kmph coming up in 2.77 seconds with a top speed of 105 kmph

While Simple originally announced 4 colours on the One electric scooter, it now gets two new colours - Brazen X and Light X

The Simple One no more retails at 1.10 lakh. Instead, it is now priced from 1.45 lakh, going up to 1.58 lakh (all prices, ex-showroom).

The price hike has largely been due to the change in FAME II policy, which means the model is eligible for fewer subsidies than before

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