Royal Enfield Goan Classic 350 name trademarked in India. Special edition incoming?

Royal Enfield has trademarked a new name that hints at a special motorcycle in the pipeline

RE has trademarked the ‘Goan Classic 350’ name, which could be a special spin-off on the Classic 350

The Royal Enfield Goan Classic 350 could be a special offering with different graphics and a custom paint scheme

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Should the model make it to production, expect the Goa Classic 350 to share its underpinnings with the standard Classic 350 

You can expect the Goan Classic 350 to celebrate the state of Goa, which has been an integral part of Royal Enfield’s lifestyle business 

Goa hosts RE’s annual motorcycle and music festival Motoverse, while the RE Garage Cafe is also located in Baga, North Goa

The Royal Enfield Goan Classic 350 could also be on the same lines as the RE ShotGun 650 Motoverse Edition with custom graphics, paint scheme and more

The Goan Classic 350 could arrive in limited numbers 

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