How many e-scooters has Okinawa Autotech sold since its inception?

Okinawa Autotech has achieved a new milestone 

It recently rolled out its 250,000th electric scooter for sale

The 250,000th unit rolled out was the Okinawa Praise Pro 

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 The EV maker aims to hit a milestone of one million units by 2025

 The 2.5 lakh production milestone comes in a period of eight years

 Okinawa has over 540 sales, services, and spares touchpoints across the country

 Okinawa claims its 2.5 lakh vehicles on the road have helped save petrol worth about 12.5 billion

They have also estimatedly helped save 300.3 million kg of carbon dioxide

The company now plans to invest 25 million Euros over a period of the next three years
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