How many cars did Maruti dispatch in 2022 using Indian Railways?

The company transported more than 3.2 lakh vehicles via rail mode last year

 This is the company's highest-ever dispatch using rail mode in any calendar year

 This has helped offset around 1,800 MT of CO2 emissions

 This has also helped save over 50 million litres of fuel during the year

 Maruti has saved over 45,000 truck trips throughout the year

 Maruti has transported over 1.4 million vehicles using railways in the last 10 years

Over these years, it has managed to offset more than 6,600 MT CO2 emissions

Maruti uses 40 specially designed railway rakes to transport vehicles

Each rake has a capacity of more than 300 vehicles

The company utilizes seven loading terminals across Delhi-NCR and Gujarat and 18 destination terminals
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