Bajaj Pulsar N250: Quick review

Bajaj Pulsar N250 is the naked version of the F250. Both motorcycles were the first new-gen Pulsars

The riding stance of the Pulsar N250 is slightly more aggressive than the F250. But it is not uncomfortable

The engine is tuned for torque so the rider does not need to change gears continuously. 

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There is a new infinity display instrument cluster that does not get Bluetooth connectivity but shows quite a bit of information

Braking is quite good for the most part. However, the rear one lacks the initial bite. 

The suspension is quite comfortable and slightly stiffer than the previous-gen Pulsars.

Because of the new side-mounted exhaust system, the exhaust note is quite bassy and sounds raspy.

There are very few vibrations on the motorcycle. At higher revs, some vibrations still do creep in. 

Bajaj was able to achieve a near 50:50 weight distribution which helps in handling

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