A Lamborghini with a Cause: Urus Performante to transport organs for Italian Police

Lamborghini recently handed over the Urus Performante to the Italian Police as a specialised car to transport organs

The special Urus Performante packs a refrigerated compartment in the boot to deliver organs 

It also gets a secondary fridge to carry plasma

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The one-off Urus Performante gets a special livery combining the Italian Police’s classic blue shade with white, along with police logos made out of reflective film on

The Italian flag motif has been integrated, while the Urus  ‘Polizia’ gets roof-mounted 360-degree LED blue lights and a dual-tone electric siren

Power on the Urus Performante comes from the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 tuned for 657 bhp and 850 Nm

0-100 kmph comes up in 3.3 seconds will a top speed of 306 kmph. Just what you need when time is of the essence

Lamborghini and the Italian Police have a collaboration spanning over 20 years

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