Engine of a car is like heart of a human body and to keep it well-functional engine oil is a highly crucial element

Engine oil acts as lubricator inside the motor protecting the intricate parts from friction

There are many confusions among car owners regarding the intervals of engine oil change

Many car owners get confused about when to change the engine oil or after driving how many kilometres once should change it

Different automakers suggest different interval for engine oil change

While many OEMs suggest 10,000 km or one yar interval, most German automakers suggest 15,000 km or one year

The ideal interval is every 5,000 km for normal oil and 8,000 km for synthetic oil

Driving pattern of a driver too determines the engine oil replacement interval

If the car runs usable distance per day inside city limits then it is necessary to change the engine oil earlier

If average distance clocked isn't over 10-15 km then the oil change interval can be stretched a bit by up to 1,000 km more

In case of engine remapping or upgradation, the interval should be within 2,000 km

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