Mahindra Thar.e has taken the Indian automobile fraternity by storm

The Thar.e electric SUV concept previewed an all-electric five-door version of Thar

Despite being based on the outgoing Mahindra Thar, it is completely different looking than the standard ICE-powered SUV

Mahindra Thar.e EV concept promises equal ruggedness and off-road worthiness as the ICE-powered version of the Thar SUV

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Thar.e derived electric SUV will be based on a completely new INGLO P1 EV architecture

As the concept indicated, the production-spec Thar EV would offer a wide range of modification with host of accessories

The EV concept promises a long range thanks to an unspecified large battery pack

The concept derived electric SUV will come with around 300 mm of ground clearance enabling the SUV for tough offroading

Expect it to come with multiple riding modes suitable for various terrains

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