An IDL can be your gateway to drive a car in a foreign country

An international driving permit or international driving licence allows one to drive a car in a foreign country

The IDP or IDL can be availed at a cost of 1,000

The applicant for IDP must be aged 18 years or above and possess an Indian driving licence, a valid passport and approved visa

The applicant has to fill out the Form 4A and 1A, which can be availed from local RTO or downloaded from MoRTH website

Form 4A certifies the applicant is a competent rider and Form 1A states the medical fitness of the applicant

The applicant has to submit the duly filled forms, necessary legal documents to local RTO or MoRTH website with the fee

He or she has to appear for a driving test as the final step of the application process

If the applicant passes in driving test, the IDP is expected to arrive within four to five days

The applicant must ensure he or she is pr0viding all the right information and genuine legal documents to get an IDP

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