This Renault SUV looks like a jet fighter

Renault has unveiled the Rafale coupe SUV. It will be brand's new flagship.

Rafale is a French word that derives from natural energy: wind and is also an aeronautical reference. 

The Renault Rafale is the first production vehicle entirely designed according to the new visual language that Gilles Vidal has brought in as Head of Design Renault. 

There will be two powertrains on offer - 200 hp and 300 hp with 4x4

The all new Renault Rafale is built on the Alliance's latest-generation CMF-CD platform

Renault Rafale is 4.71 metres long and 1.86 metres wide, squarely placing it in the D-segment. Added to which, it's 1.61 metres high and has a wheelbase of 2.74 metres.

There is also rear wheel steering on offer. It helps in increasing stability at high speeds and reducing the turning circle while driving slowly.

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