This EV is solar powered, offers over 600 km range, and is straight off a sci-fi movie

US-based EV startup Aptera has revealed the launch edition of its 2-seater solar EV

The three-wheeler solar EV is claimed to be ready to enter production by the end of 2023

This solar EV is claimed as capable of running a 643 km range on a single charge

The EV is also capable of running 64 kms on pure solar energy

The EV draws solar power through the integrated solar panels mounted on the roof

The EV has a unique teardrop shape and offers a high drag co-efficiency of just 0.13

The EV has a top speed of 162.5 kmph and can sprint 0-100 kmph in 4 seconds

The EV is equipped with triple electric motor which ensures all-wheel drive

The 6.6 kW charger helps the EV to recharge over 90 kms in 57 minutes via 240v charging

Guess how it looks from the inside?
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