AMT is most convenient and cost effective form of dual pedal technology

AMT is cheaper than pure automatic and hassle free compared to manual gearbox

AMT is very helpful in stop and go city traffic

While driving an AMT car, press brake pedal while shifter in neutral position and then shift to drive to move ahead

When you stop at a traffic signal, shift the gear lever to neutral to put less pressure on brake and engine just like a manual car

The crawl mode in an AMT car keeps the engine revving and keeping the brake pedal pressed puts pressure on the brake pad

Keeping the gear shifter in neutral position will stop engine to let the car crawl and you can take away foot from brake pedal

Just like a pure automatic or a manual car, be gentle on the throttle in an AMT car as well

This will ensure better fuel efficiency from your AMT car

Basic rules of driving are same in AMT as manual and pure automatic

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