Tesla's tryst with India: Here's the complete timeline

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has time and again expressed his interest in setting up a base in India 

In 2020, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said Tesla would start operations here in early 2021

Tesla registered its India arm in January 2021 and appointed three directors

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However, import duty on cars in India kept bothering Tesla

Rest of 2021 was spent lobbying Indian govt to rejig import duty for fully assembled cars

In 2022, India officially denied making any such changes, suggesting Tesla to set up local assembly plant

After a year of deadlock in plans, the OEM has once again shown interest in India

A group of Tesla officials met PM Modi in May 2023 to discuss local sourcing of components for its plant

In June 2023, PM met Musk during his US visit to discuss avenues to set up EV maker's plant

 Musk is expected to visit India in 2024 to take the talks forward. For detailed report...
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