EICMA 2023 witnessed unveiling of some stunning concept bikes and scooters

While some of this concepts are ready to enter production, some are just vision studies

Some of these concepts have been unveiled by Indian brands, while some have been showcased by international manufacturers

Check some of the most exciting concept two-wheelers showcased at the EICMA 2023

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Lambretta Eletrra is a retro-themed electric scooter promising 127 km range and with 110 kmph top speed, fuelled by a 4.6 kWh battery

Vmoto APD is an electric maxi-scooter designed by Mahindra's Pininfarina that comes specially focused on aerodynamic efficiency

Hero MotoCorp's Concept 2.5R Xtunt is an aggressive naked streetfighter based on Karizma XMR, with same engine and chassis

Vida Lynx is an off-road electric dirt bike concept from Hero MotoCorp's Vida, promising a power-packed performance

Ultraviolette F99 is a concept factory racing platform previewing a supersports bike, which promises 265 kmph top speed

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