Maruti Suzuki is betting big on SUVs over the last few years

Thanks to SUVs sold through both Arena and Nexa channels, Maruti Suzuki grabbed the top spot in Indian SUV market in July 2023

High deamnd for Fronx, Brezza and Grand Vitara has helped the company to grab the lion's share in Indian SUV market in July

In 2023 alone, Maruti Suzuki introduced Fronx and Jimny in SUV space

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Maruti Suzuki sold 42,620 SUVs in July beating Mahindra and Hyundai in total numbers

Once known for its small cars, Maruti Suzuki is witnessing a surge in SUV sales and drop in hatchback numbers

Changing consumer focus towards SUVs, availability of wider powertrain options have helped Maruti SUVs to rake in higher numbers

Maruti Suzuki's SUV market share in India has grown significantly to 24.7% in July 2023

The auto company hopes for even greater numbers in coming days

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