Car modification is appealing but can cost the owner hefty amount of penalty

Many car owners opt for modification of the vehicle using aftermarket accessories

These mod-jobs give the car distinctive look but many of these are illegal in India

Installing aftermarket HID lights may help you with better illumination but that is illegal

Convertibles are appealing but don't try to convert one regular model into a roadster by chopping off the roof as it is illegal

Engine swapping is strictly prohibited by law in India for any car

Even if you're tempted to install a bull bar for enhanced protection of your car, don't do it

Don't install extra wide tyres to your car

Modifications of taillights along with headlamps are strictly forbidden by law

Using loud exhaust can cost you a hefty fine

Using dark sun film on your car from aftermarket can cost you a hefty fine as well

Modification of the registration plate is strictly illegal

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