Porsche officially ventures into synthetic fuel production

Porsche has partnered Chilean operating company Highly Innovative Fuels to produce synthetic fuels

The e-fuel is made up of water and carbon dioxide using wind energy 

Company officials filled a Porsche 911 with the first synthetic fuel produced at the site

Along with electrification, Porsche is focusing on amping up the usage of e-fuels to reduce carbon emissions

Porsche believes e-fuels will give owners of ICE vehicles a nearly carbon-neutral alternative

In the pilot phase, e-fuel production of around 130,000 litres per year has been planned

The first scaling will see a projected 55 million litres per year by the middle of the decade

Porsche shares south of Chile offers ideal conditions for production, with the wind blowing for around 270 days 

Porsche is aiming to achieve a CO2-neutral balance sheet across the entire value chain by 2030

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