Planning a monsoon roadtrip to the hills? 5 essentials to keep in your car

Driving to and around hills during the rainy season can be great, unless you get stuck

Long traffic jams and the occasional landslides can spoil plans

It is best to stay prepared for most eventualities. Here are 5 essentials you must keep in your car...

Extra pair of ropes - You never know when your car may need towing

Snow chains - There may still be snow in upper parts of many hills. It is best to keep snow chains handy for extra traction, if and where required

Flashlight - If you are stuck in the dark, a simple flashlight can be vital even if your phone battery dies

Umbrella - This may seem like a no-brainer but again, if stranded, a simple umbrella can help keep you dry if you have to step out of the vehicle

Water canister - Keep a portable water canister for drinking and washing. Again, this can be critical if stranded for long hours

There is much more to taking care of your vehicles too during the rainy season. For simple tips and tricks...
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