Peugeot unveiled Inception Concept at CES 2023

Peugeot Inception concept previews a futuristic electric sedan with host of advanced technologies

The concept EV looks stunningly sharp at exterior and inside the cabin as well

The concept EV rides on Stellantis' STLA Large platform

This 800 volt EV architecture packs a 100 kWh battery pack promising 800 km range

The battery is claimed to be chargeable for 150 km range in just five minutes

The exterior design appears sharply sculpted with sleek creases and cuts

Design elements at exterior include all LED lights, a lip spoiler at the back, an all glass roof and greenhouse area

Technology onboard the concept might seem far-fetched, but Peugeot hopes to transfer most of these to production by 2025

The cabin gets Narima glass, which undergoes a metal oxide treatment designed to coat helmet visors of NASA astronauts

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