Ola introduce e-bike taxi service in Delhi & Hyderabad. See fares

Ola Mobility has introduced its e-bike taxi service in Delhi and Hyderabad adding a more convenient mode of transportation

Ola commenced its e-bike taxi operations in Bengaluru first as a pilot program and is now expanding to more cities

The company plans to deploy 10,000 electric two-wheelers over the next two months across Delhi and Hyderabad

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Ola will charge about 25 for 5 km under the new e-bike taxi service

The fare will increase to 50 for 10 km and 75 for 15 km 

Ola says its e-bike taxi charges are the most affordable 

Apart from Ola, other players including Ola and Rapido offer bike taxi services in select cities across India 

Ola has completed over 1.75 million rides and has set up 200 charging stations in Bengaluru. It plans to install charging stations for its e-bike fleet in every city it operates

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