Oben Rorr: Quick review

Oben has updated the Rorr electric motorcycle. 

It is priced at Rs 1,49,999 ex-showroom, introductory which is in-line with other electric commuter motorcycles.

Oben is using an LFP battery pack which has a capacity of 4.4 kWh. It delivers a real-world range of 120 km in Eco mode, 90 km in City and 70 km in Havoc

The charger now comes in a bag that can be fitted under the seat.

The plastic quality on the tank and the quality of the switchgear could have been better. 

The electric motor puts out max power of 8 kW which is 2 kW less than before. The peak torque output stands at 52 Nm

The digital instrument cluster that show speed, charge status, network signal and riding range. 

There is an ambient light sensor that reduces the brightness automatically in dark conditions. It is very sensitive, it would even decrease the brightness under the shade of a tree

There are two USB ports positioned underneath the fuel tank that can be used to charge mobile devices. The space under the tank can be used to store the mobile while it is charging.

There is no Bluetooth connectivity on offer but there is a mobile application and the motorcycle comes with a physical SIM. However, it is free for the first year only. 

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