Nissan has unveiled Concept 20-23 previewing a Micra electric hot hatch

The Concept 20-23 comes as a design study to preview a pure electric performance-oriented version of next-gen Micra hatchback

The car sports a radical design featuring sleek circular LED rings highlighting headlamps and taillights along with muscular wheel arches

Other design elements include roof-mounted rear wing, 23 decal at rear quarter panel, massive diffuser at front and rear

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It gets Formula E-inspired yoke-type steering, a large hole on dashboard, carbon fibre trims, floating centre console, deep bucket seats

Nissan has not revealed anything about the powertrain of the concept, but claims that it gets inspiration from Formula E race cars

Nissan could bring a toned-down version of this concept car later this decade

Also, this comes previewing what the next-generation Nissan Micra would look like

It would be one of the key models of Nissan's EV only strategy in the next decade

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