Monsoon hits Mumbai: Top tips to driving safe in rain

Monsoon has finally arrived in Mumbai

Here are some key tips for you to ensure safety while driving in the rain.

Double-check the car before starting

Inspect the car thoroughly to ensure all its equipment and components are working to the optimum level. 

Keep headlights  on

Turning headlamps and fog lamps during rain ensures better visibility. Also, it makes your car visible to other drivers. 

Drive slow and be attentive

Driving slowly helps in avoiding hydroplaning, skidding etc. Speeding can be tempting but it can be fatal

Maintain lane and windows clean

Visibility gets the most challenge during rainy weather. Hence, it is an utmost priority to keep the windshield and windows clean to ensure optimum visibility.

Don't panic, brake or turn wheels during a hydroplane

Ensure that you take your foot off the accelerator and do your best to keep the car straight till it regains traction.

Avoid waterlogged areas and find alternative routes

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