Mercedes-Benz plans for green aluminium as it prioritises sustainability 

Mercedes-Benz is taking its sustainability goals seriously 

Mercedes-Benz gears up to incorporate aluminium with lower carbon footprint in its automotive supply chain

For this, it has partnered with Norwegian aluminium producer Hydro 

It will help the brand to get aluminium with a carbon footprint lowered by around 70% for its EQ models

The goal is to reach near-zero emissions from aluminium by 2030

Both the companies will focus on the research to develop recycling-friendly alloys 

Mercedes-Benz is aiming for CO2-neutrality throughout the entire value chain in its new passenger car fleet by 2039

It is consistently researching on more sustainable material technologies and working towards circularity

The automaker is working on its supply chain to focus on the prevention and reduction of CO2 emissions

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