Maruti Suzuki Jimny is the brand's most awaited car from in India

A five-door variant of the off-roader was shown at Auto Expo 2023, which is slated to launch here today

Expected to be priced between 10.50-15 lakh, Jimny will be sold via Nexa network

Here are some key accessories you can fit into your Jimny if you are planning to buy one

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Adding roofrail will give it more practicality with enhanced luggage carrying capacity

If you plan to take your Jimny for off-roading, adding some extra lights will be a good idea

Adding some underbody protection to the SUV will make it a more capable off-roader

Adding aftermarket bumpers will not only give the SUV a beefy look but will improve its approach and departure angles too

You can think about giving your Jimny's spare wheel a cover that will enhance its protection

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