Limited Edition Suzuki Jimny Rhino Edition launched for Malaysia

The new Suzuki Jimny 3-door Rhino edition has been launched in Malaysia and is restricted to just 30 units

The Suzuki Jimny Rhino Edition arrives with purely cosmetic changes including the new Rhino decals and a vintage grille

The decal theme extends to the bonnet and doors, while the spare wheel cover and tailgate get the Rhino motif as well

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The Jimny Rhino edition’s cabin remains the same but gets new DLX floor mats and an all-black colour scheme

Notable features include the touchscreen unit with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with Bluetooth connectivity

The off-roader gets 50:50 split seats at the rear, which can fold and make way for a flat load bed

The Jimny Rhino edition uses the 1.5-litre petrol engine tuned for 101 bhp and 130 Nm with only the automatic transmission and Suzuki AllGrip Pro 

The Jimny Rhino edition is priced at 174,900 Malaysian Ringgit (approx. 30.6 lakh)

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