Lamborghini's first supercar celebrates 60 years

Lamborghini's Miura, 60 years ago, coined the term 'supercar'

The Miura SV replaced the S model in a short time and became the best of all 

The car's four-litre V12 engine was a powerful one, with power output of 370 hp and 399 Nm torque 

Miura came with tyre sizes that were different in the front and at the rear

The model appeared in as many as 43 movies 

Back in the days, Miura was capable to touch 100 kmph in 6.7 seconds

It came with a top speed of 280 kmph

The premium Italian automaker shared about 475 units of the 350 CV Miura were produced

Lamborghini races on the icy ground of Alps
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