Lamborghini LB744 marks a completely new era for the Italian supercar brand

The LB744 is the carmaker's new flagship that will come with a V12 engine, a lithium-ion battery and three electric motors

Lamborghini LB744 promises a 1,000 hp output from its lug-in hybrid powertrain

The carmaker's entry in the electrified zone has not made the V12 engine obsolete

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This 6.5-litre V12 engine can produce 813 hp of power and 725 Nm torque

The engine is claimed to be 17 kg lighter than its predecessor, which works in Aventador

This V12 engine is 180 degree rotated and weighs 218 kg

A 3.8 kWh lithium-ion battery pack enables the car to emit 30% lesser CO2 than Ultimae

Lamborghini used its learnings from Sian FKP 37 in the upcoming LB744

Combined with the V12 engine and three electric motors, the AWD system will make the LB744 a lethal machine

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