Know everything about Ola S1 Pro Move OS 3 software update

The Ola S1 Pro Move OS 3 software update focuses on functionalities as well as fun!

The software upgradation is available in S1 and S1 Pro electric models 

Hypercharging is one of the highlights of the new updates

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A user can lock and unlock his or her S1 Pro as he or she gets near or away from the electric scooter. One can also lock the EV by clicking a button on the Ola Electric app 

The aforementioned EV models now have Hill Hold Assist functionality which was highly requested by customers 

There is also a regenerative braking feature which helps in reducing finger fatigue during long rides

There is a Party Mode update which makes the electric scooters' lights... 

...blink with the beat of the music one plays 

Know these upgrades in detail
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