With every passing month, Tesla's entry into India is gradually becoming a nearing reality

The Indian government has started working on a plan to lower import tax for EVs, which is in line with Tesla's demand

India is working on a new policy to cut import taxes on EVs to as low as 15% for companies committing to some local manufacturing

The could allow Tesla to set up its India plant to make proposed $24,000 EV while importing its costlier electric cars with lower taxes

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India's biggest electric car manufacturer is reportedly pressing government officials not to lower import taxes on electric vehicles

The homegrown car manufacturer claims that this strategy would impact domestic EV industry and its investors adversely

Tata Motors is also arguing that India's EV players need more government support in the early growth stage of the industry

Tata Motors claims that lower duties will hit the entire domestic EV industry and the investment climate will get vitiated

The government is yet to give any reaction about Tata's concern

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