A dashcam can be a very useful gadget for your car

A dashcam footage can be very useful in case of a mishap, where you are not in fault and need to prove that to get insurance cover

Installing a dashcam in your car is easy and you can save money by some DIY hack

A dashcam can be mounted either on windshield or on dashboard

Ensure you choose the right spot to mount it so that it doesn't obstruct the driver's view

Make sure the cables poviding power to the dashcam is routed in a manner that doesn't obstruct driver's view

While installing the dashcam, ensure the cable is routed properly, clipped and hidden from plain view

While installing a dashcam, remember to draw its power from 12V socket, not using the USB ports, as they are unreliable

Dashcam is usually a third party accessory, but many high-end cars come fitted with inbuilt dashcams

With growing technology penetration in modern cars, dashcam has become a key accessory

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