Check out the new Tata Punch iCNG

Tata has launched the Punch iCNG in the Indian market.

It is sold priced between  7.10 lakh and goes up to 9.68 lakh. Both prices are ex-showroom. 

The Punch iCNG features dual-cylinder technology

The biggest advantage of using twin-cylinder technology is that there is still a usable boot space.

Tata has given special attention to safety

Punch iCNG comes with microswitch that does not let the engine start if the fuel lid is open. 

Tata is using high-quality stainless steel and rust and corrosion-resistant materials. 

There is also thermal incident protection in which the CNG supply to the engine is cut off automatically and the gas in the cylinder is released into the atmosphere automatically. 

The Punch CNG's primary rival will be the Hyundai Exter CNG

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