Summer is here and your car tyres should be ready to face the heat

Check tyre pressures often as heat takes a toll on the tyres

Rubber and air expand and contract depending on the heat in summer, affecting the overall health of tyres

Over-inflation can cause faster wearing and tearing of rubber and in extreme cases, the tyre can burst

Instead of plain air, try filling tyres with nitrogen, which expands slower than air

Ensure the tyre valve is in proper shape and cap is fitted properly

Check tyres for cracks as they can become bigger and cause trouble during summer due to the immense heat

If you are not sure about how to check the parameters to be sure if your tyre is in good health, get it checked by a professional

Try to park the car under a shade or somewhere not under direct sunlight

Pouring some water in the tyre is a good idea to cool down the rubber during extreme heat in summer

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