Selling a car at right time is important to fetch a good deal and save money

Like every other goods, a car too has its own lifespan after which its value decreases

If your car has clocked over 100,000 km, it's time to think about selling the vehicle

Consider the value depreciation factor of your old car to define if it can be retained or should be sold

If your car model has been discontinued by the OEM, it is time to consider selling it as the value depreciation will be faster

If spare parts are becoming increasingly hard to find or expensive, it is time to let go the vehicle

Consider the improved technology being available with newer models to fine tune your decision to sell your existing car

Older cars usually consumes more fuel eventually increasing the fuel bill

Mechanical wear and tear for a car is natural should be taken into consideration while deciding about selling a vehicle

If the cost of maintenance for your car is increasing substantially, it is time to consider selling the vehicle

Here is how you can take care of your car's paint
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