GT Drive Pro electric scooter review: How is it to ride?

The scooter has a claimed range of 65 km and a top speed of 25 kmph

However, the scooter did hit 45 kmph with the speedometer showing 25 kmph

The keyhole has a multi-function as it can also open the seat

The ORMs are flimsy and does not offer a good view of what is behind

The LED Daytime Running Lamp is quite bright during the night time but is not visible during the day

Braking duties on the scooter are performed by a disc in the front and a drum at the rear. They do offer a good stopping power

The seat hinge is quite flimsy and there are certain panel gaps and rattles while riding on bad roads

The headlamp is an LED unit but the high beam always stays on the person needs to switch the low-beam instead

The battery level starts falling when the scooter is accelerated hard and the ride quality on broken roads is not good either

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