Goodbye 2022: These snags slowed automotive industry this year

The auto industry shone this year as soon as the market headed for recovery after two years of Covid blues, but...

...a few issues have been consistently bothering the workflow of the industry

The shortage of semiconductors is still very much there and is major concern for the industry

With rising Covid-19 cases in China again, the shortage may remain as it is for an unforeseeable future  

The supply chain constraints have persistently troubled automakers around the globe

High demand for vehicles has taken a toll on delivery timeline such as extending the waiting period of a few popular SUV models up to a year

The prices of passenger cars and two-wheelers saw frequent increase this year which put a strain on the demand for the latter 

Automakers attributed rising prices of raw materials as the root cause

This year also saw a lot of EVs fires in the Indian market which created uncertainty among consumers  

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