Future BMW models to be made from 50% recycled materials

BMW is taking its sustainability game a notch further

BMW aims  to raise proportion of secondary material in vehicle production to 50 per cent 

For this, the Bavarian automaker is joining hands with recycling industry and commodity processors and seeking innovative technology to improve the quality of secondary raw materials obtained from recycling end-of-life vehicles

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In this circular economy plan, BMW is going to use raw materials obtained from recycling only if they satisfy the high standards of quality of the brand 

BMW shares it is supplying 500 end-of-life vehicles for the purposes of this project

Models ranging from MINI to Rolls-Royce cars with combustion engines, plug-in hybrid systems and EVs are being used for this purpose

The company is going to incorporate digital technology and artificial intelligence to automate and speed up the recycling processes

The company shares that it is the only automaker to run its own recycling centre which has been in operation since 1994 

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