Cyclone Biparjoy is threatening with severe storm and rain in India's west coast

Several states across India's western coasts are facing the wrath of Cyclone Biparjoy

Here are some key tips to follow to protect your car from the wrath of the severe cyclonic storm

Always find a parking spot under a concrete shade, a closed door garage is best if possible

Avoid parking the vehicle in the open or under a tree, specially if you live in a coastal area

A parked vehicle under a tree or a pole or beside a fragile structure during a severe storm could be disastrous

Try to avoid parking the vehicle in a low lying area, where water-logging is an issue

A parking space or garage that sits low and is prone to be flooded should be avoided as well

Keep the car locked, windows rolled up and if possible tied to something to protect it from moving due to heavy wind

While parking the vehicle, always keep the handbrake or parking brake engaged

Check your car's insurance policy carefully, as it may come handy in case of a damage due to the cyclone

Check how to protect your car during a storm
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