Check out top 5 car paint protection options

Car wax is one of the oldest and one of the cheapest car paint protection options

 There are different forms of wax available in the market such as liquid, spray and paste

Synthetic paint sealant is another option which provides a glossy shine to a car's clear-coat finish

One of the most common paint sealant provided by dealers is Teflon coating, which lasts up to a year

 Next is ceramic coating which creates more of a shell on your car's paint finish

It prevents the paint from chipping, fading, cracking and scratches from external elements

Next is Paint Protection Film (PPF) or Clear Bra which involves placing an invisible urethane film on the surface of your car

It is one of the most durable methods and can last for years with proper care

 If you're not ready to invest a big amount then you should consider investing in a car cover

It will protect the car's paint from extreme temperatures, rain and other external elements. For details...
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