ADAS is slowly gaining footprint in a wider number of cars

While ADAS was previously limited to luxury cars only, nowadays, many modern affordable cars come equipped with this tech

ADAS orĀ Advanced Driver Assistance Systems is a software suite that bundles a host of safety features powered by advanced technologies

ADAS makes driving safer and more convenient aiding the driver with wide range of tech-enabled features

ADAS include features likeĀ Adaptive Cruise Control, ABS, Forward Collision Warning, High Beam Safety System, Lane Departure Warning, Traffic Signals Recognition, Traction control among others

With increased focus on vehicular active and passive safety and autonomous driving, ADAS is finding stronger footprint

ADAS increases reliability of vehicles and reduces costs alongside enhancing safety of the ocupants

In India, several mass-market automakers like Mahindra, Honda, Toyota, MG have been selling cars with ADAS

ADAS helps car owners with lower insurance costs as well, as the insurers prioritise the safety features while making insurance plans

However, in the mass-market cars with ADAS, these tech are available only in the top trims

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