Accessorize the new Royal Enfield Bullet 350 with these new accessories

Along with the launch of the Bullet 350, the Royal Enfield also revealed slew of accessories for the motorcycle.

There is a tall windscreen on offer that protects the rider from windblast while touring at triple digit speeds.

There are a bunch of engine guards on offer. They can protect the legs of the rider as well as the motorcycle in case of a fall.

The rider can get touring footpegs that are larger and more comfortable.

Royal Enfield will also sell LED turn indicators for the Bullet 350.

There are also pillion footpegs on offer that are wider and has more rubber.  

There are bunch of different seats on offer, panniers and bash plate as well.

The rider can also get bar-end mirrors and a touring handlebar on offer.

Royal Enfield also sells touring mirrors for the Bullet 350

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