Battery acts as heart of an EV and to be in shape, it demands some extra care

There are some easy and useful tips, following which can ensure a longer life for the electric vehicle's battery

Here are some key tips to follow that can make your EV battery live longer

Try not to park an EV under the direct sun as high temperatures impact battery life

Avoid fast charging and go for standard charging, as fast charging fries the electric vehicle's battery and reduces its lifespan

Avoid frequent charging of the EV as it degrades the battery quickly

Always maintain optimum charge in an EV battery, which should be between 20-80%

Always use OEM provided charger, which not only ensures safety for the EV but keeps battery in optimum condition for long

If the EV is not operational for a considerable amount of time, turn off the MCB

Following these tips can ensure longer life for your EV battery, irrespective of an electric car or an electric two-wheeler

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