Charging an EV to 100% is always tempting but you should not do that

Charging the EV battery to 100% may alleviate your range anxiety but it puts strain on different elements of the battery

This is applicable for any type of electric vehicles including cars, two-wheelers, buses and trucks and three-wheelers too

Experts recommend to charge the EV battery to 80% rather than 100%

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Charging an EV battery to 100% leads to a reduction in its total usable capacity

Overcharging EV battery can result anode and cathode's active material loss, reducing total surface that can attract and fix electrons

Overcharging is one of the key reasons behind battery degradation

The problem of overcharging an EV battery is very similar to the smartphone batteries

Following this tip can ensure a longer life for your electric vehicle's battery resulting in better value for money

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