Why this Chinese EV giant is the biggest threat to Tesla's global dominance

Tesla is the global leader when it comes to electric vehicles - production as well as sales

Rivals like Hyundai, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Ford and GM are playing hard to catch up

But the biggest challenge to Tesla could well come from Chinese EV giant BYD

The BYD group has underlined ambitious plans of overtaking Tesla as world's leading EV maker in terms of sales volumes in 2023

Estimates suggest BYD may well be on path to selling 1.75 million units in 2023, just a tad less than Tesla's objective of 1.8 million units

BYD is a leading player in China, the world's biggest auto and EV market

But interestingly, it has no plans yet of entering the US market. Exports, therefore, will have to be key

Exports in 2022 only accounted for 3% of total volumes fr BYD - this is a challenge

Did you know - BYD is in India too?
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