Why Porsche failed to gain an entry into F1

Porsche made several bids to enter the world of F1 but all its efforts have now come to a naught

Porsche wanted to enter F1 as part of new engine regulations. It was in talks with Red Bull

Porsche wanted to have a 50% buy-in into Red Bull and have its own engine supply

Reports suggest Red Bull was unwilling to share control. The talks collapsed

McLaren also had discussions with Porsche and Audi but reports suggest was unqilling to give up control or naming rights

Having an entirely new Porsche F1 team was not feasible because of costs and other factors

So while Red Bull has tied up with Ford and Audi joins Sauber from 2026 as power unit supplier, Porsche is relegated to the sidelines

Porsche has not been involved with F1 since a forgettable partnership with Footwork in 1991

But Porsche still makes some of the most awesome cars. For a closer look...
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