CNG is becoming increasingly popular in India

CNG is claimed to emit 80 per cent lesser carbon monoxide compared to petrol or diesel

CNG also emits 45 per cent less hydrocarbons compared to other fossil fuels

Such low carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emission ensure CNG is environment friendly and significantly cleaner than petrol or diesel

CNG leaves lesser residue in the fuel tank, making it better for the car

CNG combustion doesn't emit particulate matter like petrol or diesel, resulting in lesser pollutants in the air and less pressure on engine

Being a gaseous fuel, CNG disperses quicker than petrol and diesel, making it safer than other fossil fuels

CNG price is substantially lower than petrol or diesel price across India, making it easily affordable

CNG's ignition point is 540 degree celcius, which is nearly double than petrol or diesel's ignition mark, making it safer

The benefits and better cost effectiveness of CNG has increased its popularity across India prompting many car owners and automakers to shift to this fuel solution

How to get best mileage from your CNG car
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