SUVs have been experiencing massive surge in demand and sales in India 

While large SUVs promise more power and better sense of safety, they also pose danger for pedestrians and emit higher pollutants too

Global NCAP's key official David Ward believes that large SUVs are bad for road safety

He said that automakers' relentless push for large SUVs is bad news for smaller cars and other vulnerable road users

Ward said that large SUVs cause fatal injuries to pedestrians or cyclists than smaller cars

He stated that a car with high bonnet pose higher threat of fatal injury to pedestrians or cyclists than a car with lower bonnet

While compact or midsize SUVs in India come sized four-metres or lesser than that, big SUVs come longer and taller than them

These big SUVs offer more comfort and safety to its occupants but pose threat to others on roads, claims Ward

The Global NCAP official advocated on stopping sales of big SUVs in India

Ward also hopes the Indian government would discourage the consumers from buying fuel guzzling big SUVs that pose safety threat too

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