Why cycling in India can be a life-threatening risk?

Indian roads are infamous for being one of the deadliest anywhere in the world

The lack of dedicated cycling lanes in most cities means those on bikes have to jostle with cars, autos, trucks & more

Even cycling by the side of a road can be potentially risky

A 50-year-old man was recently killed in Delhi after a speeding BMW allegedly hit his cycle

While wearing protective gear is a must, it may not always help prevent serious injuries & even fatalities

A lack of road sense & disregard for rules & laws can often prove to be a major riskĀ 

It is advisable to avoid public roads for cycling & instead, stick to narrow lanes & gated areas as much as possible for cycling

If cycling on public roads, always stay alert for oncoming traffic as well as traffic from behind

Cycling for health & for recreational purpose is great but safety comes first. For more...
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