Which features do Indians prioritize while buying personal cars?

Skoda Auto India commissioned a study to gauge customers' top preferences while buying a personal car 

The survey conducted by NIQ BASES revealed that Indians prioritize safety over other features

A crash rating and the number of airbags are top two parameters they look for

 A five-star safety rating is most preferred with 22.2% customer preference

About 92% respondents agreed that all cars in India should come with crash rating

About 76% respondents claimed that they are aware of two sets of car safety ratings

The third most important parameter driving car preference is fuel-efficiency

It was allotted an importance score of 15% for car buying preference

About 67% of the respondents consisted of people who own a car above 5 lakh

Remaining 33% do not own a car but plan to buy one within a year. For detailed report...
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