Unlike Cybertruck, the Tesla Cybervault is claimed to be hammer proof

Tesla has launched its home wallbox EV charger called Cybervault in China

The Cybervault looks like a mini Cybertruck and is also dust-proof and waterproof

The Cybervault charger runs on 220V and supports up to 7kW of charging power

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The Cybervault is detachable and can be used anywhere with a wall socket

The introduction of CyberVault highlights Tesla's efforts to meet the specific needs of the Chinese market

Tesla had earlier hinted at the Cybervault last week ahead of its official launch

Some of the customers in China have already received the Tesla wallbox charger

Tesla has not revealed if it will launch the Cybervault for other markets as well

Also watch out for the world's most luxurious electric car slated to debut this month
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